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Coachella 2024 - Weekend 1
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Lana Del Rey

Coachella: 2024 - Weekend 1
Date: Friday April 12, 2024
Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: 11:20 PM - 12:55 AM
Special Guests: Billie Eilish, Jack Antonoff, Jon Baptise

What the World Needs Now Is Love (Burt Bacharach song) (Tom Jones version)
Interlude (contains elements of "Gangsta" by Kehlani and "Jealous Girl (Remix)")
Without You (shortened; first time since 2014)
West Coast (shortened)
Doin' Time (Sublime cover)
Summertime Sadness (remix version)
Pretty When You Cry
Ride Monologue (with clips from various music videos)
Ride (shortened)
Born to Die (shortened)
Bartender (instrumental interlude; costume change on stage)
Burnt Norton (Interlude) (instrumental)
Chemtrails Over the Country Club
The Grants (shortened)
Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (choir outro)
Norman fucking Rockwell (shortened)
Arcadia (shortened)
Candy Necklace (with Jon Batiste)
ocean eyes (Billie Eilish cover) (with Billie Eilish)
Video Games (with Billie Eilish)
hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it (with Jack Antonoff) (Holographic Lana Interlude; Jack Antanoff live)
A&W (shortened)
Young and Beautiful (jazz outro)
It's just a burning memory

  • There are no known recordings of this performance