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It would seem the Coachella 2022 lineup/annoucement is right around the corner (as of this writing - Jan, 6th, 2022), but as excited as we might all be for our return to the beautiful polo fields, this pandemic (and now the Omicron variant) is still rearing its ugly head, and I feel we're driving in reverse, right back into early 2020, with cancellations, postponements and more. I surely hope, as I'm sure many of you do too, that things will stabilize and this pandemic and the various variants will start to wane out over the next month or two, and spring plans, including our beloved Coachella, will continue on as planned. I miss Coachella as much as anyone, and I really hope I can smell and touch the green grass of the Empire Polo Field again come this April. Until then, I'm still working hard on getting this site up and running (so people can sign up/join), and plan on having all of that ready to go before April (just in time, HOPEFULLY, for Coachella 2022). For now, I'll keep my head down and leaned into the squall, per usual. Stay safe, get vaxxed and let's hang out this April!

More info will be available, and announcements made, when the site is closer to being reopened completely. Until then, if you have questions or are full of Coachella curiosities, feel free to contact me at

Peace ✌️