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Coachella 2023 - Weekend 1
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Frank Ocean

Coachella: 2023 - Weekend 1
Date: Sunday April 16, 2023
Stage: Coachella Stage
Set Time: 10:05 PM - 11:55 PM

No setlist available.

  • Frank Ocean was over an hour late (roughly an hour and ten minutes) taking the stage, therefore his set time was extended to 12:20am (20 minutes past the Sunday midnight curfew).
  • Frank Ocean was originally supposed to have a group of ice skaters (including hockey players from around the So Cal area) be part of his cast/performance, hence an "ice rink" was built in the middle of the crowd at the main/Coachella stage (with supposedly underground tunnels leading to secret entrances/exits) for this portion of the show, but Frank cancelled/nixed the idea right before going on stage.
  • Frank Ocean's performance was supposed to be on the webcast, but he cancelled that idea right before taking the stage.
  • There are no known recordings of this performance