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Coachella 2019 - Weekend 1
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Aphex Twin

Coachella: 2019 - Weekend 1
Date: Saturday April 13, 2019
Stage: Mojave Tent
Set Time: 9:05 PM - 10:35 PM

Two Moons of Quatermass: First Moon (Tod Dockstader cover)
(Unknown) (co1-trk0)
Tha2 [world scam mix] (user18081971 cover)
Tha (live remix)
(Unknown) (turin-trk3)
(Unknown) (co1-trk1)
(Unknown) (turin-trk4)
(Unknown) (turin-trk1)
(Unknown) (brooklyn-trk3)
Drum Rack (Jensen Interceptor feat. Assembler Code cover)
1960B (Dualit cover)
000(WETT) (Gold Elanor cover)
Forever Your Mouth (IVVVO cover)
Bion (Lithe Remix) (Deeven cover)
Pox (Martyn Hare cover)
2BE&aBN (Martyn Hare cover)
UK74R1721031 (Aleksi Perälä cover)
Infrared (AQXDM cover)
Blue Calx
Taiwan Ink (Darqwan cover)
Daisy Gun (Krolik Remix) (Soreab cover)
Furies (C Mantle cover)
Leisure Techno (AQXDM cover)
Dead (too) (Christoph de Babalon cover)
Free Your Mind (Fozbee & Cooz cover)
500 Lesbians in Irak (I Hate Models cover)
W32.Deadcode.A (AFX cover) (live mix)
Lisbon Acid (AFX cover)
The Omen (Raw From China cover)
Runaway Pain (Patrick DSP cover)
Higher Ritual (Krolik cover)
Bound State (Ueno Masaaki cover)
Second Highball (Prettybwoy cover)
Rhythm & Slag (Darq E Freaker cover)
(Unknown) (co1-trk2)
Raped (Outro) (74185# cover)
Temple Sleeper (Burial cover)
Dark Matter (The Subjects vs. Jeff Mills cover)
You Don't Matter (Galaxian cover)
(Unknown) (Urban Shakedown cover) (Moon Walk EP A1)
Antimatter (Freethinker cover)
The Last Waltz (The 7th Genocide cover)
(Unknown) (also played at end of Funkhaus 2018)

  1. Source: AMT #1 (Amateur recorded video)
    • Equipment: GoPro Hero7 Black > SanDisk 128gb miniSD card
    • Complete: No
    • Quality: 9.0/10
    • Taper: FeedMenik
    • Notes:
      • The GoPro was mounted on my head/beanie and recorded about an hour of the show before the battery died (the battery was not replaced afterwards).
      • Was filmed in 60fps 4k resolution.
  2. Source: AMT #2 (Amateur recorded video)
  3. Source: AUD #1 (Audience recorded audio)
    • Equipment: SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SONY PCM-M10 > Sandisk mini-SD Card (32gb - Class 10)
    • Complete: Yes
    • Quality: 9.0/10
    • Audio Sample: ("Lisbon Acid")
    • YouTube Link:
    • Taper: FeedMenik
    • Notes:
      • This recording includes the full show (including the "pre-show" sound/audio while the stage was being set up).
      • A "remastered" version also exists, which was done privately by the artist Clans.
      • There's a slight/brief cut (probably missed about 10 seconds of audio) on the recording about 30 seconds into the actual set (though I, the taper, can't remember why this was done other than the recorder likely needed to be reset for some reason).
      • A version of this recording was uploaded to YouTube (see link above) by a different user. Please note that this is not the original recording files, but given it's complete and used this audio, it won't be counted as a different version/recording.